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I have never felt so comfortable discussing my sexual concerns with a doctor. Thank you, Dr. Simran for such a pleasant experience!

Priyanka Sharma

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PCOS has been my major issue since 3 years. My doctor prescribed RHYTHM for me and it has worked wonders on my menstrual cycle. I have had my period properly for 5 months consistently since I have started to use RHYTHM
My daughter had been struggling with irregular periods for a long time. We took an AMH test for PCOS from kindly hers and got the test results within 24 hours and could help my daughter's diagnosis without any delay.
Had history of miscarriage and didn't want to risk it again. But, my doctor had prescribed BLOOM tablets and it has now helped me give birth to a healthy baby girl!
Missing my period got really frustrating. I have been using RHYTHM to regulate my periods for about 4 months now and I can see that it has improved my cycle.
My husband and I were planning to go for IVF and consulted our doctor. She prescribed an FSH test to me and I got it done through kindly hers. The procedure went really smoothly and I didn't face any hassle mid way.

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